Review Policy

Review Policy:


This is due to a long list of ARCs and other books that I will be reading during the next few months. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I would be more than happy to review books and advance reader copies for authors and publishers. Before sending a request to my email address, please read all of the following guidelines and keep in mind that this is YA blog, meaning that I typically don't review outside of that age range.

As with all of my reviews, I would post my review of your book on this blog and my Goodreads account. I also post reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you'd like me to review your book on a specific site, please let me know in your request.

When requesting a book review, please include the following:
  • An email address where you can be reached
  • The title and/or ISBN of the book
  • A book synopsis or a Goodreads link to the book page
  • The book's publication date (Especially if dealing with an ARC... I want to make sure I have time to read and review your book before the publication date!)
  • A time frame for which you'd like the book to be read and reviewed
  • A certain post date (I usually post my ARC reviews a month to two weeks in advance. If you'd like something closer to the release date, please let me know.)
  • Any information that I might need before I review the book 
I reserve the right to decline any book if I feel that I would not enjoy it or if I do not have the time to complete the review. (Blogging is not the only thing I do.) I also reserve the right to decline a book if I have noticed that you have not read this review policy.

When I rate and review a book, I am completely honest whether I enjoyed the book or not.

If I didn't enjoy your book, the review will be done in a respectful and professional manner. Reviews will be tasteful and intelligently written. I will be clear in stating why I did not enjoy the book. In the past, I've also found ways to include positive remarks about books that I did not like, and I would include those details in a review for a book that I did not enjoy.

I do have a Kindle, so I am able to accept Kindle files for review.

That being said, I'd much rather review a physical copy of your book, but I do understand that it is easier to send an e-copy due to the expense of production and shipping.

Please note that I am a NetGalley reviewer and I receive physical ARCs from publishers, so some books may be reviewed before yours. I try to read and review them based on publication date or the date they were received.

I do read more Young Adult than anything, but I do enjoy some Adult Fiction and other genres.

Genres I'm Accepting:

  • Contemporary YA
  • Contemporary Adult Fiction
  • YA Realistic Fiction
  • YA Dystopia
  • Romance - YA and Adult
  • Women's Fiction/Chick Lit
  • Middle Grade
* I'm kind of particular on these genres, but feel free to send me an email, and I will do some research on your book before making a final decision.

Genres I'm Not Accepting:

  • Paranormal
  • Supernatural
  • Erotica
  • New Adult
  • Religious Fiction
  • Religious Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Adult Thriller
  • Adult Mystery

Please note that I am not currently accepting review requests from self-published or indie authors. (I will consider reviewing Indies and self-published authors if I have reviewed for that same author in the past.)

If requests are open, and you would like to contact me for a review, please email me. Please note that requests sent through social media services like Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads will be ignored. There is a link to my email address on the left side of my blog, and there is also a link to my email address in the Contact page.

I reserve the right to decline any author or book based on my schedule or the book's content.

Requests are currently not open, so you may not receive a reply email.

Blog Tour Policy

I am willing to participate in blog tours, and promote books, but I'd only like to promote books that I'd actually want to read or have read. Please refer to the above lists to see if your book qualifies.

Please note that I actively host for many different blog tour hosts, and I will book with them before an outside source.

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