Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Opposites Book Tag

I was tagged by Gloria. You can see her post here.

Basically all you have to do is answer some questions about books on your shelves. It deals with opposites!

1. The First Book in Your Collection/The Last Book You Bought

There are so many books that I had from being a kid, and the first ones I remember are Screamy Mimi and Where the Sidewalk Ends.

The last book I bought was Say What You Will. I'm still waiting for it to get here.

2. A Cheap Book/An Expensive Book

I bought a hardcover of Cinder for $4.99 on Book Outlet. It's a good website, but I've noticed that it is very hit or miss.

I bought an autographed copy of Four: A Divergent Collection for $17.99. It's not nearly as expensive of the signed copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that I want, but it's the first book I've paid full price for in a while.

3. A Book with a Male POV/A Book with a Female POV

I'm going with the ever popular If I Stay duo. If I Stay is told from Mia's perspective, but Adam narrates Where She Went.
4. A Book that You Read Quickly/A Book that You Read Slowly

I read Anna and the French Kiss rather quickly.

The Fault in Our Stars was a really slow and boring read for me.

5. A Pretty Cover/An Ugly Cover

I'm quite fond of the cover for My Name is Memory. It is shiny and the colors are great.

I can't think of a book cover that I dislike right now... I'm sure one will come to me later.

6. A National Book/An International Book

I'm not so sure I understand this, so I am going to go with Harry Potter. Even though I know that it's set in the UK, I realize that readers in the United States are the only ones with our covers. The covers are the same in the UK and the rest of the world. I like how there are different versions of the covers. I really like the original U.S. covers, but the redesign is nice too. I really like the redesign of the UK versions, but in most of them, Harry doesn't really look like he is growing up like he does in the story.
The redesign and original US covers
Original and redesigned worldwide covers

I don't know. I love all four versions, and I hope to get the new U.S. box set and both sets of the British versions. Road trip to Canada, anyone?

7. A Thin Book/A Thick Book

I won Ghost Songs through Goodreads, and was surprised by how thin it was. I still have to read it, but I'll be sure to let everyone know how I like it.

I own quite a few thick books, and the thickest one I own is my dictionary.

8. A Fiction Book/A Nonfiction Book

I own many fiction books, so it's hard for me to choose just one. I'm going with Wonder because the story is so realistic that it hurts. If you haven't read this wonderful book, you should. I highly recommend it to everyone.

My choice for nonfiction is very near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been fascinated with the RMS Titanic. Many of my Christmas presents were books about the doomed ocean liner. My edition is different, but I couldn't find a working image of the book on my shelves.

9. A Romantic Book/ An Action Book

I have a lot of romance books on my shelves because I've read a lot of Nicholas Sparks.

For my action book, I'm going with The Hunger Games because of the games.  Need I say more?

10. A Book that Made You Happy/ A Book that Made You Sad

I laughed so hard when I read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I know the title is a bit morbid, but this book is hilarious.

Now for a book that made me sad. If you've read this one, you know why.

So, I'm tagging anyone who reads this to post your answers. Leave a comment with a link to yours because I'd love to see what opposites you have on your shelves.


  1. Ah, several of the books here are on my TBR list. I'm just going to go down the list and then talk about the books. I hope that's okay. Haha.

    Say What You Will is one I desperately want to read. As is Cinder! I've loved that book since I saw it although I haven't read it. So maybe I lusted for that book since I saw it. :P Did you buy it from Book Outlet? Every time I'm on that website I see that book listed and I'm like "Why do I not have any money!?!?!".

    The struggle is real. Haha.

    Nice going with If I Stay and Where She Went as the Female/Male POV. :) I have both of those books myself.

    I'm aware of Anna. :) I also had a hard time reading TFiOS. I just couldn't get into it. Once I got to the second half I was all over that book though.

    The cover for My Name is Memory is super pretty.

    I may do this tag later tonight or tomorrow since I love it.

  2. Nice answers !
    I love the cover of my name is memory ! So pretty !
    And thanks for linking back to me :)

  3. Amber - Thank you. And yes, I did get Cinder from Book Outlet. I was surprised by how cheap it was. I got it today, and it's in pristine condition. I can't wait to read it.

    Gloria - No problem. I actually completed it now.

  4. Shel Silverstein, my mom bought me one of his books and I still love it. I'm hoping to get Me, Earl, and the dying girl next week! :)

    1. I got Where the Sidewalk Ends for my birthday one year from my uncle. I share the other ones with my brother and sister, but I'm just going to take them one day for my own. I'm a book thief. lol

      I loved Me and Earl, and the Dying Girl. It's got sick humor in it, but I loved it. It had me laughing on the first page and I thought it was well-written.


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