Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'll Be Away... (2)

Hey, everyone! I have some really fun news to share with you, and it involves me going on another trip! Last time I really took time to step away from my blog (and the Internet) was way back in May when I went to Washington D.C.

Well... I'm heading south of the Mason Dixon line again this weekend, and I am really excited about it because it's my first road trip with a friend!

This time, my best friend, Anna, and I are hitting the road to go visit one of our other best friends in her hometown. We'll be spending all day Saturday in the city (so look for Instagram posts if I can find wifi), and then we'll be celebrating Anastasia's birthday on Sunday afternoon before heading home.

Even though I'll be gone for two days, the blog will still remain active. I do have a blog tour post that's scheduled on Saturday, October 3, so be sure to check that out and enter the giveaway. I might also try to get a post set up for Sunday that I'll check in on when I get home.

I'm pretty excited for this trip because it's been a really long time since I've been to Baltimore. I was a teenager back then, so there wasn't a lot that I could to, but this time, I'm an adult, so things are much easier.

So if you have any suggestions for what Anna and I should do on our trip, comment below! And if you know of any bookstores in Baltimore, let me know where they are! I have a few things in mind for this trip, but I'm always up for more suggestions.

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