Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday (72)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly, bookish meme created and hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. The meme helps book bloggers and readers shine a spotlight om some of the many upcoming releases that we are all patiently (but most likely impatiently) waiting on. Get it? You can find out more information on the meme on her blog, Breaking the Spine.

So you're interested in sharing some of the books you're waiting on with your readers!? That's great! To participate in Jill's meme, all you need to do is:
  • Create your own Waiting on Wednesday post that features an upcoming title (or titles)
  • Be sure to credit Jill in your post
  • Link up to the Linky on Jill's blog

Waiting On...

Title: Tumbling
Author: Caela Carter
Publisher: Viking 
Publication Date: June 7, 2016

Work harder than anyone.

Be the most talented.

Sacrifice everything.

And if you’re lucky, maybe you will go to the Olympics.

Grace lives and breathes gymnastics—but no matter how hard she pushes herself, she can never be perfect enough.
Leigh, Grace’s best friend, has it all: a gymnastics career, a normal high-school life... and a secret that could ruin everything.

Camille wants to please her mom, wants to please her boyfriend, and most of all, wants to walk away.

Wilhemina was denied her Olympic dream four years ago, and she won’t let anything stop her again. No matter what.
Monica is terrified. Nobody believes in her—and why should they?

By the end of the two days of the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Trials, some of these girls will be stars. Some will be going home with nothing. And all will have their lives changed forever.

Why I'm Waiting...

Even though I'm not the most athletic girl on the block, I've always been interested in reading books and watching TV shows and movies about female athletes. I also happen to enjoy watching sports, and with the Olympics coming up, Tumbling caught my eye. I'm pretty much glued to the TV any time I see gymnastics. Those girls are insanely talented!

I'm really excited to read Tumbling because it's about one of my favorite Olympic sports. Just like I was obsessed with ABC Family's show, Make It Or Break It, I'm prepared to become obsessed with Tumbling, a book about a group of gymnasts vying for a spot on the Olympic team. 

What Are You Waiting On...

Alright, everyone! Now that you know what one of my next reads will be, it's your turn! Feel free to let me know what book or books you're waiting on in the comments. And bloggers, feel free to leave a link to your own Waiting on Wednesday posts so I can check them out!

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