Saturday, November 22, 2014

Soundtrack Saturday (11)

Soundtrack Saturday is a bookish meme that I created so I can share the many songs that pop into my head while I'm reading a book.

On Saturdays, I will either post a mini (four songs) or a full soundtrack for a book that I've read. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to participate. For more information, feel free to visit the meme's homepage or ask me any questions.

I's also like to apologize for not posting last week. Things were pretty hectic personally. If you posted a Soundtrack Saturday last week, feel free to include the link in this week's link-up.

Like all other bookish memes, there are a few things to do:

  • Choose a book (any book)
  • Create a mini or full soundtrack or playlist for the book
  • Credit me and my blog in your post
  • Leave a comment on my Soundtrack Saturday post
  • Add your name to the link up tool
You don't have to use my image, but either feel free to use it or make your own.

This week's book is Scarlet, the second book in The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer.

  1.  "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley
  2.  "Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line
  3.  "Country Strong" by Gwyneth Paltrow
  4.  "Secrets" by OneRepublic
  5.  "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift
  6.  "Drops of Jupiter" by Train
  7.  "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton
  8.  "Clarity" by Zedd
  9.  "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH!3
  10.  "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty
  11.  "Me & My Friends" by Tim Meyers & El May


  1. Hmm... I have yet to read the Lunar Chronicles (still waiting for Winter!!) but I know something about a guy names Wolf and Scarlet being Little Red Riding Hood... Ya... I understand why some of the songs are there! xD

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    Book Confession! Series I Will Not Finish @ My Little Corner For Books

    1. Yeah... Wolf and Scarlet. A lot of people really dig them. They're cute, but not my favorite couple in the series.

      I can't wait for Winter either, but there's so much time left to wait! lol

  2. I've yet to start the Lunar Chronicles series but that soundtrack looks awesome. Bad Blood and Secrets are my favs!

    1. I was kind of iffy about them, but still wanted to read them. I read all the released ones over the summer, and I completely love them. The way she writes them is really addicting.

      "Bad Blood" is seriously like my favorite Taylor song ever. It is spot on to an old friendship of mine.

  3. I've only read the first book in this series but I'm exited to continue. I'm now going to check ut the songs you listed :) great post

    1. OMG. You need to read them soon! Cress is my favorite (so far). I hear Winter is going to be really good!

  4. Great playlist! I love "Drops of Jupiter" and "Secrets." :)

    1. OMG. YES!

      "Drops of Jupiter" has been a favorite of mine since I was little, but I'll never grow tired of it. It's such a good song.


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