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Short Story Review: Kindred Spirits

Title: Kindred Spirits
Format: Paperback (World Book Day Edition)
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Publication Date: March 3, 2016
Source: Purchased

"Everybody likes everything these days. The whole world is a nerd."
"Are you mad because other people like Star Wars? Are you mad because people like me like Star Wars?"

If you broke Elena’s heart, Star Wars would spill out. So when she decides to queue outside her local cinema to see the new movie, she’s expecting a celebration with crowds of people who love Han, Luke and Leia just as much as she does.

What she’s not expecting is to be last in a line of only three people; to have to pee into a collectible Star Wars soda cup behind a dumpster or to meet that unlikely someone who just might truly understand the way she feels.

"Kindred Spirits" is an engaging short story by Rainbow Rowell, author of the bestselling Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, and Carry On. "Kindred Spirits" has been specially produced for World Book Day.

My Review

Rainbow Rowell had me at the mention of Star Wars, and I knew that "Kindred Spirits" was a story that I had to read. No matter what, I was going to find a way to get a copy of this in my hands and on my shelves, and I'm so glad that I was able to find it. For such a short story, "Kindred Spirits" by Rainbow Rowell packs a punch!

Most times a story as short as "Kindred Spirits" can be hit or miss. Sometimes the author just doesn't get everything across that he or she needs to in such a small amount of space. Just like in her short story for My True Love Gave to Me, Rainbow Rowell writes the perfect short story in just a few words. I thought that Rainbow really let readers get to know the main characters and the situations in the plot.

I really liked the three main characters in "Kindred Spirits." Elena, Troy, and Gabe come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but all three of them have one thing in common - their love of Star Wars. Over the course of four days, the three of them get to know one another, and Elena even learns that not everyone is who they appear to be on the outside. 

I thought this short story was adorkable, and I loved that I was able to relate to Elena and her love of Star Wars. Even though it's short, there are some lessons in it, and the story even hints at a little romance. My only qualm with it is that I wish it was longer so I could read more about Elena and Gabe and what happens to them after the see The Force Awakens.

I would recommend this story to fans of the Star Wars films just for the fangirl factor involved. I would also recommend this short story to fans who read and adored Rainbow's short story "Midnights" from My True Love Gave to Me.

Rainbow Rowell writes books. Sometimes she writes about adults (ATTACHMENTS and LANDLINE). Sometimes she writes about teenagers (ELEANOR & PARK and FANGIRL). But she always writes about people who talk a lot. And people who feel like they're screwing up. And people who fall in love. When she's not writing, Rainbow is reading comic books, planning Disney World trips and arguing about things that don't really matter in the big scheme of things. She lives in Nebraska with her husband and two sons.

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