Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Challenge Accepted: 2017 Debut Author Challenge

For the past two years, I've participated in The Debut Author Challenge, and I'm back at it again this year!

In case you're not familiar with the challenge, here are some of the details:

Challenge Objectives:
  • To introduce readers to this year’s wonderful group of debut authors.
  • To challenge readers to read 12 or more (or less! It’s up to you!) middle grade, young adult, and new adult debuts this year.
I've loved participating in the past, and I'm sure that I'll be enjoying it this year. This challenge is a wonderful way to introduce readers to new and emerging authors, and I've had so much fun with it. I've even discovered a few new favorite authors because of this challenge.

For more information on this challenge, please visit Jana's blog.

My Challenge

Right now, I'm not going to limit myself to any particular books, so I'm setting a goal to read at least ten debuts this year. I think that's pretty fair, considering that my work schedule is kind of a hot mess right now. I'll also have a bit more time in the summer, so maybe I'll hit a few more.

So... I know it's only March, but if you have read any amazing debuts, please feel free to leave a comment below! I'm always up for recommendations, especially from my readers. And if you're participating in the challenge, feel free to leave a comment so we can talk about it and all the books we plan on reading!

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