Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Hardcover Lover Turns Two!

If you're reading this, you're probably now aware of the fact that today, The Hardcover Lover is two years old! I can't even believe it! It feels like it was just yesterday when I came home from a day of babysitting and decided to start a book blog to talk about books and my binge read of The Lunar Chronicles.

So... a lot has changed since my last blogiversary post, most notably, the look of The Hardcover Lover. My friend Blessie did a gorgeous redesign of the blog back at the end of 2015, and we debuted it just in time to ring in 2016. I'm still so in love with how everything looks, and this theme will probably be around for a while...

A few other things have changed, including the frequency of posts here on The Hardcover Lover. I love blogging, but I also love living, so you might have noticed a drop off in posts throughout the past few months. Don't be alarmed... I'm not going anywhere. I'm just taking some time for myself and spreading posts out.

Another change has been the length of my book reviews. I don't know why, but I feel like the more comfortable I've gotten with blogging, the longer my reviews have gotten. Yes, there are the occasional short reviews, but for the most part, I feel like I just can't stop typing when I'm writing a book review.

Now's the time in a typical blogiversary post when people usually rattle off stats and stuff like that, but I'm not going to do that. Why? Well... I don't really care about my stats, and to be honest, I rarely ever check or keep up with them.

So instead of going through my stats, I just want to offer a simple thank you to all of you reading this. You're the reason why I keep blogging. Your visits, your comments, your emails... they all mean the world to me, and I just want to say that having you in my life makes blogging such an enchanting experience.

I hope that the next year is just as great as these past two years have been. I hope that you all stick with me as I go through everything that these past few months have thrown at me. But mostly, I hope we can keep going on and just talking about books and having a grand time!

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