Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Rant

So I just checked my email and saw that Book Outlet is not sending me one of the books that I ordered. They adjusted the price on the order confirmation email, but the order still showed the book being on there with a quantity of zero. My bank statement still shows that they charged me for it.

I'm actually really upset about this. I really wish they would have emailed me before shipping my books to let me know that they weren't sending it because that book was the whole reason behind my order with them this month. I probably would have cancelled the entire order if they told me. I was told that I bought the only copy of this book, and then it was quickly removed from the website from other customers.

Has this ever happened to anyone else with Book Outlet? Did they eventually send you the book or did they just refund the money?

I'm really contemplating not ordering from them ever again. I think the customer should be notified of any changes to their order before shipping in case the customer wants to make any changes.


  1. I completely agree. I stupidly ordered a book that wasn't going to be shipped for three weeks. It even said it under the price. I just didn't see it. I kept trying to cancel the order with no luck. I called customer service and that didn't work either. I figured oh well it will get here when it gets here. Then about three days after the ship date then emailed me and told me I wouldn't be getting the book. I was never charged. This was Barnes and Noble.

    Now Book Outlet NEVER should have charged you PERIOD! Barnes and Noble doesn't charge you until your books ship. I have only ordered from them once with no problem. I would get a hold of their customer service and get that straighten out. Either they send you the book or refund the money.

  2. Angie,

    I know. I thought stores couldn't charge you until they ship the books. I am just mad because they confirmed that I ordered it, and now I've paid for it and have two contradicting emails. If I don't get the book, I'm sending all of them back because that book is the one I wanted most. I can deal without the other books, but this one has been on my TBR list for months.

  3. I don't use Book Outlet because there shipping is really expensive. I prefer to use The Book Depository, the books mightn't be as cheap but the shipping is free and I've never had a problem with them. Or I just go to my local book store which has offers every now and then and you get points on your loyalty card fpr everything you buy :)

  4. This was only my second order from Book Outlet, but the shipping was pretty cheap, like a lot cheaper than Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They were only charging around $1 per book.

    I only have a used bookstore near me since Borders is gone or I have to drive a half hour to Barnes and Noble, which is a huge ripoff anyways.

    1. Ya I don't use any of them because I'm from Ireland and international shipping is horrible. The shipping costs more than the books :p

      That sucks. At least I have a few discount book shops around me. They only have a small supply but they are really good price wise. Like today I got Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott for 4 euro when usually it's 8 or 10 euro...

  5. That's a good deal for a book! I might take a drive around the city before school starts up again to see all the other Half Price Books stores in my area. I'm sure that they have some great books waiting for me. lol


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