Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (3)

Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) is a weekly meme hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and Bookish. Each week, there is a different topic, and it's answered in the form of a top ten list because they love compiling lists. Who doesn't, right?

This week, the top ten list is all about books you aren't sure you want to read. Me, I have plenty of them. I've heard good and bad about some. I've heard good about some but hated other books by the author, so I'm on the fence about quite a few books. It's a pretty easy thing for me to do, and a lot of my books on my "To Read" Goodreads shelf are books I'm not quite sure about.

  1. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin - I'd been undecided about this one for a while because I wasn't so sure I would like the fantasy aspect of it. Then the TV show came out and, it was super popular. I can't go a day without hearing about it or seeing something about it on the Internet. I'm kind of lucky because I don't get HBO so I don't know of anything that has happened or will happen, but I'm still undecided because I'm afraid it'll be too much fantasy for me. I'm also afraid that people will think I'm only reading it now because of the TV show. But really... the only fantasy I've ever really read is Harry Potter and The Queen of the Tearling.
  2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson - My grandma sent this series up to my house years ago because she thought I'd like them. She loves them and raves about them all the time. I'm not really a big fan of crime books, but I'm afraid that my grandma will be upset if I read them and don't like them. She asks me like every month if I've started them, and I tell her no. I just feel really bad about disappointing my grandma.
  3. Looking for Alaska by John Green - I've been told to try this one by a few people, and it seems like everyone and their mother has read it. I see it everywhere from bookstores to places like Marshall's and TJMaxx. My only problem is that I hated pretty much everything about The Fault in Our Stars from the writing style to the plot to the characters. I'm afraid that if I try to read Green again, the same thing will happen.
  4. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen - I've never read anything by Sarah Dessen, but my sister has and has loved every single book of hers. This probably comes from my time when I wasn't reading YA, but the fear has stuck around since then. She even came to my hometown not too long ago, and I told my sister about it but it was too late to sign up to see her. I'm sure if I give her books a chance, I'll like them. I'm just afraid that I waited too long.
  5. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan - I've seen how popular the Percy Jackson books have become, but I just don't know how I feel about them. I felt this way about the Harry Potter books for thirteen years before eventually reading them, so I feel like I might love the Percy Jackson books. I just feel like it's too late now to read them now.
  6. Say What You Will by Carrie McGovern - Okay, so I know eventually I'll read this book because I own it, but I can't get past the comparison to The Fault in Our Stars. That is what makes me think I'll hate this book, but it sits on my shelves and waits for the day that I will open it.
  7. Hungry by H.A. Swain - When I first saw this book on a book website, I thought it seemed interesting. Then I saw way too many negative reviews for my own liking, so I decided against it. Something about it just makes me want to prove the negative reviews wrong.
  8. The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith - Again, I thought the book seemed sweet but I saw a lot of negative reviews. This might be a book I read if and only if I borrow it from a library or get a copy of it from someone.
  9. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson - I was challenged to read this book this month for a PIFM challenge because someone went to the wrong shelf on Goodreads when the moderator didn't post my PIFM shelf. I've had it on my shelves on the website since my YA literature professor mentioned it, but I never really wanted to read it after reading Speak.
  10. This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl by Esther Grace Earl - Please don't take this as me being a horrible person because I'm on the fence about this book. It is not because I hated The Fault in Our Stars. I'm afraid to see what this courageous young woman went through because I can develop thyroid cancer at any time with my already defunct thyroid. I'm curious, but I'm afraid of what could happen to me if cancer decides to attack my thyroid.


  1. Along for the Ride is my second favorite Sarah Dessen book, my all time fave is The Truth About Forever. I actually just did a post recommending both books lol I also love Percy Jackson, it's never too late to read them! I knew adults who were reading these books the same time I was which was when I was in seventh/eighth grade. It's never too late to start a book :)

  2. Sarah,
    That's true. And my sister does have ever Dessen book written, so I could always borrow them.

  3. I started watching GOT and couldn't stop. That's how I got myself spoiled for 4 books haha. I'm still going to read them BUT THEY ARE SO BIG.
    I heard nothing but good things about The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo. I'm also pretty sure I heard some girl say that she loved this even though she usually doesn't like crime books. So maybe you'll like it. Ugh I hate disappointing older people. I feel like the biggest jerk on the world.
    I'm 99 % sure that I'm not going to read any book by John Green in the near future. I just can't bring myself to read them...
    BTW read Percy! It's never too late :)

  4. Thanks, Anna. Your comments are always so so so sweet!

    I think the next time I see a hardcover of The Lightning Thief, I'll grab it. I'm also on the fence about Eragon. I always see it, but I didn't even think to include it in this list.

    I know... The Song of Fire and Ice books are absolutely the biggest things I've ever seen!

  5. I adore The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books! Yes they are crime heavy but they have interesting characters and are clever and sometimes have some dark humour - to be honest I don't read a lot of crime fiction but I still really enjoyed them, so maybe give it a go sometime. I will say I found it hard to get into to start with but I'm glad a persevered.

    I read Looking for Alaska a long time ago, maybe seven years ago, and while I can’t really remember the plot that well I do remember not liking it at all. Then again, when I read The Fault in Our Stars about a year ago I really didn’t get the hype or the love for that book either (just thought it was OK and kinda predictable) Maybe I’m just not a John Green kinda girl…

  6. I read The Fault in Our Stars and Say What You will and I don't understand why they felt the need to compare the two because thinking about it I don't remember being similar at all. It was actually a really good read.

    Most people find it hard to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series but, I loved them.

    I felt obligated to read The Game of Thrones for a while but I know that it's just not me so I wont bother.

  7. Honestly I didn't like Game of Thrones or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I think both the TV show and Movie were better then the corresponding books!


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