Saturday, August 16, 2014

Book Tag: Most Owned Authors on my Auto-Buy List

Yay! It's time for another book tag! These things can be so much fun, but I was kind of scared when I was tagged to do this one. Rachel over at A Perfection Called Books tagged me to participate in this one, and it's all about the number of books I own from authors on my auto-buy list.

Now some of you might be wondering why this book tag scared me. Well... the answer is kind of simple. I really don't have many auto-buy authors. I'm a taste test kind of reader. I read whatever looks interesting to me at the moment. If you ever see a picture of my shelves, you'll probably notice it.

I'll try my best to complete this tag, but it might seem a bit odd to you. Just hang in there. This should really be called Auto-Acquire Authors for me because a lot of these books were given to me. Oh well. I hope it makes sense.

  • J.K. Rowling (12 books) - Okay. This one might be a bit of a stretch because my grandma bought all my Harry Potter books for me when I finally decided to read them. Now I can say that I have bought a few of her books with my own money. I own all seven Harry Potter books and the Hogwarts library box set. I even own an extra copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard because I bought it for myself before finally deciding that I wanted the pretty box set. I also own The Casual Vacancy, and when I find her other books for a cheap enough price, they will have a spot on my shelves. 
  • Lauren Oliver (6 books) - Lauren Oliver is an author that I wouldn't have heard about if it weren't for winning a Goodreads giveaway. I was lucky enough to win Before I Fall, and then I quickly purchased the first two books in her Delirium trilogy. Her new adult book is coming out soon, and I'm going to get it. I'm also impatiently waiting for her new YA book, Vanishing Girls.
  • Rainbow Rowell (4 books) - The first Rainbow Rowell book I read was Eleanor & Park, and I quickly bought Fangirl and Attachments. I waited patiently to get Landline, so now I have one copy of all of her books. I know I'll be buying anything she releases in the future.
  • Veronica Roth (4 books) - I was a little late to hop on the Divergent train, but after I bought it, I ordered both Insurgent and Allegiant and binge read them. I pre-ordered an autographed copy of Four, and I really can't wait to see what she writes next. It'll be on my shelves.
  • Sarah Ockler (3 books) - Twenty Boy Summer started it all for me, but I don't even own a copy of it. Don't worry... I'm looking for a decent looking hardcover. Sarah writes beautiful YA books, and I really wish more people would read her books. I still haven't gotten my hands on #scandal, but only because I haven't seen it anywhere. Her new book, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is one I am going to run out the door for on release day.
  • Kiera Cass (4 books) - I own all the books in her Selection trilogy plus the paperback companion short stories. I probably won't buy The Siren, but I'm sure I'll give her next book a chance.
  • Nicholas Sparks (19+ books) I own at least one hardcover of every book he's released, and quite a few dupes because my grandma buys them every time she goes to a thrift store. I swear that I could start my own bookstore and just sell his books.  I haven't really liked many of his newer releases, so I don't know if he is still an auto-buy author for me. 
  • Marissa Meyer (3 books) - I only just recently read Cinder for a Goodreads read-a-long, but I bought all three books in The Lunar Chronicles series. I can't wait to get a copy of Fairest in my hands, and I really want to get Winter.
So now I get to tag some people! Okay, I'm going to go with my two co-mods at All About YA, Angie and Robin.


  1. Have you heard about the 4th & the 5th books in the Selection "trilogy"?
    Rainbow Rowell is wonderful :) ! I only read 1 book by Nicholas Sparks and I though it was okay...I'm not sure if I will read anything else by him.
    Good list!

  2. Anna, I have heard of the new books in The Selection series, but I don't know how I feel about them yet. I read the new epilogue yesterday, and it was perfect, and it looks like the new book deals with what was revealed in that.

    What Nicholas Sparks book did you read?

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about them either...I'm going to read them but I feel like some other series would need more books more than The Selection...

    I read The Last Song


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