Friday, October 3, 2014

September 2014 Wrap-Up

Well another September has come and gone, and for me, that's a good thing because September has always been a hard month for me and my family.

I'm glad that September is over and that October is finally here. Not only is October is one of the prettiest months where I live, but there are some great books that can be read in October. Before I get to all of that, I'd like to give you a recap of things that happened in September at The Hardcover Lover and in my life.

  • My book meme, Soundtrack Saturday is slowing taking off. It's all about creating small book soundtracks for the books you're reading or your favorite books.
  • I received a few more Liebster Awards, so now my total is ten or eleven. I'm not quite sure, but it's a lot, and it's amazing! I'd like to thank everyone for nominating me for them, but I am no longer answering the questions. It takes a long time, and I've become very busy.
  • I read and reviewed some ARCs, so be sure to check those out because many of the books come out this month.
  • I adopted two kittens, Luna and Lizzie, and they are adjusting here at home. Luna is a bit mean, but I'm hoping she comes around soon. I don't want her to be a mean kitty. Lizzie is great and friendly.
  • I'd like to apologize for my lack of updating in the last week or so of September. I became very sick (and still am), so it became hard to concentrate on what I wanted to post.

Books I Read in September 2014:

  • Cress by Marissa Meyer - Technically I started reading this book in late August, but I did read the majority of it in September. I really enjoyed Cress, and so far, it's my favorite of the three released books in The Lunar Chronicles series. In case you missed it, you can check out my review here to see if this book and series is for you.
  • The Disappearance of Lars Wellingsworth by Susan Srikant - Susan kindly sent me this book and two others for me to read and review, and this book did not disappoint. It's a middle grade book about a young boy who was kidnapped, and it is amazingly cute and thrilling. You can find my review here.
  • Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins - Yes, I only just got to this book now, but to be fair, I only read Anna and the French Kiss in July. I enjoyed reading about Lola and her adventures and love life in San Francisco, but I will admit that I liked Anna better. My review can be found here in case you're interested in seeing what else I had to say about this wonderful book.
  • Damsel Distressed by Kelsey Macke - I received an ARC of this book through On the Same Page ARC Tours, and I absolutely loved it! I'm so glad that this became available through On the Same Page because I've been waiting to participate in one of their tours, but I also really wanted to read this book before it was available to the public. I strongly recommend that you check out my review for it because I truly think that every young girl should read this book.
  • SNEAK PEAK Atlantia SAMPLE by Ally Condie - After reading the Matched series, I was unsure about giving Ally Condie another chance, but this was a Read it Now feature on NetGalley. I was still a bit curious, and I really wanted to like Ally Condie's writing, so I read the sample. I'll be ordering the full-length book sometime soon.
  • My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories - This book is a collection of holiday-themed short stories by some of today's most popular YA authors. I really enjoyed reading most of the stories, and I cannot wait to have a copy of this beauty sitting on my shelves this month. In my review, I have detailed reviews of each individual story, so if you're curious, you should check it out. 
  • Puckster Plays the Hockey Mascots by


  1. I loved Cress too. Not the most, 'cause if it wasn't for Cinder there would be no Cress. LOL
    Happy October reading!

    1. I loved Cinder. I just feel like Cress is the strongest book in the trilogy. There was so much going on, and it was done right. If that makes any sense at all. lol

  2. Oooh, you've found some interesting reads for October. I looked a few of these up and they sound really interesting. I need to read some first books, though... like The 5th Wave. Never actually read that one, lol.

    I also need to jump on the Anna bandwagon! I know when Isla came out, everyone was so excited, but I haven't even read Anna yet, lol!

    Jules @ The Book of Jules

    1. I loved The 5th Wave! It was one of those books that surprised me because I really didn't think it was for me. I hope when you read it, you stop on by and tell me what you think.

      And Anna, Lola, and Isla... don't feel bad. I only read them all this year. :)

  3. Kittens! Hopefully Luna becomes a bit more friendly!
    Sorry to hear that you've been unwell - I hope you have a speedy recovery.
    I think I'm going to save My True Love Gave to Me for Christmas time, your review convinced me that I must read it!
    I hope you have a great October :)

    1. The kittens are so cute, but poor Luna... I don't know why she is mean. She was apparently really kind to her foster mother, but she isn't really coming around for anyone except my sister. And that drives me nuts because she's the only kitten I intended to get. Picking up her sister, Lizzie, was just because I couldn't separate them. lol

      I wish I could have read My True Love Gave to Me around Christmas, but I was so happy when they reconsidered me for the ARC. It's an amazing collection of stories.

  4. I hope you enjoy Rooms, Erin! I'm hoping to pick that one up as well :D

    Jess @ My Reading Dress

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it too. I just need to find it soon. I haven't seen it in stores yet.

  5. Wow, those are a lot of book you read in september ! :)
    Glad you liked Isla !! I loved it too <3

    1. I know. At least some of them were short, but when I looked at it, I was surprised. I didn't think I read a lot at all in September. lol

      Isla was so great. I love it.


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