Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's my Blogiversary!

Wow! It's so hard to believe that I'm celebrating another Blogiversary! Today, The Hardcover Lover turns three today! It honestly seems like time has just flown by so quickly, especially when it comes to the time that I've been blogging.

I know it's been a slow blogging and reading year for me, but I thought it would be fun to walk through of some my favorite posts from the past year.

July 2016

The end of July 2016, also known as one of the last few months when I had lots and lots of time to read!

One of the books that I read and reviewed last year was Katie Kennedy's debut novel, Learning to Swear in America. You can check out my review here, and be sure to stop back soon because I'll have a review for Katie's sophomore novel.

August 2016

In August of last year, I turned 27! OMG. I also participated in my second ARC August. I had a blast trying to read as many advance copies that I could, and I plan on going at it again this year before school goes back and I lose all my reading time. (That is if I have a job to go back to this year...) You can find all my progress from last year here.

September 2016

In September of last year, I decided to take on a feeling that everyone goes through in the YA community... Feeling like a black sheep when it comes to popular books. If you'd like to revisit my discussion post, feel free to do so here.

October 2016

In October of last year, I found myself employed in a middle school library. While my reading time started to decrease, my time with students started to increase. I learned a lot during that experience, and it taught me a lot about what teens are reading.

I also found myself with an advance copy of Marissa Meyer's Heartless. My review for that book can be found here.

November 2016

In November, I found myself supervising in school suspension. It was boring, but I was able to finish an entire book during the process. That book was Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist. I loved it so much that the librarian I worked with put it on her order. I'm sure my review is full of a bunch of fangirling (it's that good), but if you'd like to, you can read it here.

December 2016

In December, we were getting the kiddos in the book and reading club ready for Battle of the Books. I decided to read one of the books that the kids were reading. It was Level Up by Gene Luen Yang. While I don't think the kids were just quite ready to relate to it, I really connected with the book and its themes. You can find my review here.

January 2017

2016 was finally over, and a new year began! And for me, it started with reading the third book in one of my favorite book series. You can find my review for Black Moon by Romina Russell here, and be sure to check back soon for more Zodiac posts!

February 2017

In February, the library where I worked got a shipment of books. While I was processing them, one caught my eye, and I knew that I just had to read it. The book was a graphic novel about Hurricane Katrina, an event that I remember so vividly. You can find my review for Drowned City by Don Brown here.

March 2017

March was a fun month for me because the live-action Beauty and the Beast came out. I decided to do a book tag for the first time in a while, and completed the Beauty and the Beast Book Tag.

I also, and with a heavy heart, reviewed Carrie Fisher's The Princess Diarist. I loved the book, and wish we would have seen her star shine bright for more years to come.

April 2017

In April, I was counting down the days until Sarah Dessen's latest book. While I was waiting for Once and for All, I thought it would be fun to look back at the different covers for her book, That Summer.

May 2017

May brought thoughts about summer vacation and summery books. To get my mind ready, I read and reviewed Emery Lord's newest book, The Names They Gave Us. This book was the perfect book to read as summer began. You can find my review here.

June 2017

Last month wasn't the greatest month for me, blogging wise, but I did read The Handmaid's Tale. It was great to visit Margaret Atwood's writing again, and I hope that I will read more of her as the years come.

July 2017

And now we get to today... my Blogiversary. I spent the good part of today crafting in my Erin Condren Life Planner, and I kind of did a bookish thing! I took some of my favorite Romina Russell quotes and added them to the front of my planner so I can always carry a little bit of bookish inspiration with me. (You know... just adding to the three books I take with me daily.)


It's been fun to look back on the past year, and my other Blogiversary posts. I can only hope that this community continues to love and accept all readers, and that I'll be back again with another one of these next year.

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