Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hey, Erin! Where Have You Been?

Hi, everyone!

I know I haven't blogged or checked in with you for  a while, but for good reason. In August, I started a long-term teaching assignment. I was extremely busy reading and planning lessons for seventh graders, and boy... what an experience it was!

While I'm out of the classroom now, I'm hoping to find something long-term again. I've gone on three interviews in the past three weeks, and I'm finding a lot more opportunity now that I have that big experience on my resume. Who knows... next year might be the year I finally have my own classroom.

For now, I'm hoping to apply for more jobs, get substitute days in, start subbing at more schools, and just improve my resume. I'm also hoping to start reviewing again soon.

See you all soon!

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