Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'll Be Away...

Hey, everyone! In case you don't know, I'll be away for the next two days to chaperone a field trip to Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas with one of the school districts that I work for! I'm letting you know now because I'm leaving super early in the morning, and I don't know if I'll actually have the chance to check in with everyone tomorrow morning.

I went to D.C. with two different schools last year, and I had so much fun with both of them, but this school's trip is more intensive because the kids and us old chaperones actually get to spend the night and explore the nation's capital for two days. It's always fun to see the kids learn outside of the classroom and get to experience a trip that's actually away from the comforts of home.

As you know, I don't have a smart phone, so it'll be like I'm off the grid during these two days, but I do have some scheduled posts for you. I might have access to the Internet in the hotel to reply to any comments that I get on some of those posts, but after walking all day, I'll probably just check my email and go to bed. But, I will get to read on the bus, and I'll take my Kindle and iPod to possibly post some pictures on Instagram and Twitter if I get the chance. I'll be sure to take pictures with my digital camera and post a few of those, too!


  1. I HOPE YOU HAVE A LOT OF FUN! Chaperoning should be fun! Yay FOR DC. It's a really cool place haha

  2. Thanks, Valerie! I'm actually really excited for this year's trip with this school because I have a group of teenage girls. I had boys last year, and they were a little wild. lol

  3. Amber (@ YA Indulgences)May 21, 2015 at 1:15 AM

    That sounds like fun! And I see below that you'll have girls this year, that will probably go quite a bit better then. ;)


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