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Blog Tour: 25 Days of Book Boyfriends

Happy Holidays, everyone!

 Welcome to my stop on the 25 Days of Book Boyfriends blog tour. If you don't know about this tour, it takes place during the first twenty-five days of December, and it celebrates all those amazing book boyfriends that we just love to love! The tour is hosted by Jessica of Lovin' Los Libros and Teresa of Readers Live A Thousand Lives, so be sure to check out their blogs to thank them for hosting such a wonderful bookish event.

So to help you get to know Mathias a little better, Romina Russell agreed to do a character interview as Mathias for all of you! So sit back, relax, and get to know one of my favorite book characters.

Mathias Thais

If you didn't know, one of my favorite new series is the Zodiac series by Romina Russell. You may have seen a few posts about the series already this month because I've been really excited about the release of Wandering Star, the second book in the series. If you haven't seen them, feel free to check out my reviews of Zodiac and Wandering Star

My first choice for a book boyfriend was the one and only Mathias Thais, AKA, the boy who stole my heart with his courageous actions in Zodiac. I'm very much Team Mathias, and I couldn't think of a better book boyfriend to choose for this tour!

Before we get to the interview with Mathias, let's get to know him a little better:
Name: Mathias Thais
Eye Color: Indigo Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Zodiac House: Cancer
Occupation: Cancrian Royal Guard and Guide to Holy Mother Rhoma Grace
Fun Facts: Mathias graduated the first in his class, and he was the youngest Lodestar to be recruited into the Zodia Royal Guard

Interview with Mathias Thais

What was your favorite thing about your home planet, Cancer?

Mathias: My home. Most Cancrians live on islands or pod cities that are overrun with our loved ones. As our families grow and expand and form families of their own, we cluster closer together, like nar-clam colonies, and build bigger bungalows to fit more bodies. It’s rare for someone to move far from his home island. I’d always planned to return one day and form a family of my own…but those plans drowned with the rest of my world.

I'm very sorry to hear that, Mathias. The whole Zodiac was shocked when they saw what happened to Cancer, and I hope that you're somehow able to heal and move on after such a catastrophic event. I know it will be hard, but you Canrians are one tough group of people.


Out of the many different places you've traveled to, what has been your favorite and why?

Mathias: House Aquarius. I studied at the Lykeion from ages 8 to 12, before starting at the Academy on Elara. I left behind many friends on Aquarius, and I’ve always hoped my travels would take me back there to reconnect with them. Aquarians are some of my favorite people…they’re thoughtful, insightful, socially conscious. They’re also fun to talk to because they have a word for everything—every feeling, every experience, every concept—so I feel like I’m learning something new in every conversation.

Well... I've never been to House Aquarius, but think I just added spending some time there to my bucket list!


For being someone so young, you already have an impressive resume. What was your favorite part of the job when you were in the Cancrian Royal Guard?

Mathias: My favorite moments were the mornings when Holy Mother Origene called me into her quarters to lead her through Yarrot. We were both fond of silence, so it was easy to be in each other’s company. After we’d finish cycling through all twelve poses, she often offered me to join her for breakfast, and that’s when we’d break our silence. Sometimes we’d talk about politics, sometimes about the latest Cancrian news, and sometimes about my personal life—she would always urge me to join the other Lodestars in their social outings. “You’ll never know the stars’ plans for you if you hide from them” was one of her favorite sayings. I think I’ll carry those conversations with me forever.

It's always such a great feeling when you get along with the people you work with. The late Holy Mother Origene seems like such a wonderful woman, and I'm glad that you have fond memories of her.


How has life changed now that you're a Guide for Holy Mother Rhoma Grace? Is the job more difficult than you thought? Do you like it better than being in the Royal Guard?

(Please note that at the mention of Rho's name, Mathias' face blushed a bit.)

It’s difficult to compare my experiences because it’s not simply my life or Cancer’s Guardian that’s changed—it’s our whole world. Our whole universe. I wouldn’t know where to begin. 

I completely understand. It's going to be a difficult for so many Cancrians during the next few days, weeks, months, even years. I'm sure that you will be looked up to by many as people adjust to their new reality.

What's the most difficult thing about working with Rho? Is there any dirt you'd like to share with us today?

(This time, Mathias turns bright red at the mention of Holy Mother Rhoma Grace.) 

Holy Mother Rhoma Grace has been tested more than any Guardian in recent history, and despite her youth and inexperience, she has handled her newfound responsibilities admirably. I am proud to be her Guide, and I would never betray her trust by sharing her secrets.

I think that's very admirable of you, Mathias. Holy Mother Rhoma Grace is very lucky to have you as her Guide, and I wish you both luck as you navigate your new world.

Thank you so much for sitting down with me today, Mr. Thais.  

Many thanks to the one and only Romina Russell for being kind enough to provide today's character interview with Mathias.


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 Romina Russell is a Los Angeles-based author who originally hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she's not writing novels, Romina can be found producing movie trailers for indie filmmakers, taking photographs, or daydreaming about buying a new drum set. She is a graduate of Harvard College and a Virgo to the core.

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