Friday, December 11, 2015

Blogger Positivity Campaign: Wrap Up Post

Today is the last day of The Blogger Positivity Campaign, hosted by Jillian at Jillian's Books. While I'm sad to see the event end, I'm happy that it was such a huge success. I really think that Jillian and the rest of the bloggers did a great job spreading cheer, joy, and positive thoughts around the Book Blogging Community. I also really hope that Jillian brings the event back next year so that more bloggers can join in on the fun that we all had this year.

Wrap Up

When things come to an end, it's best to wrap them up with a final post. Sometimes they are bittersweet, and today's post is just that. Happy and sad at the same time. 

Today, we're doing a 54321 wrap up post to highlight some of our favorite things from The Blogger Positivity Campaign. 

Five Things I Learned During The Blogger Positivity Campaign

  1. A lot of bloggers agree that commenting is important. Commenting on other blog's will help people learn about you, and it might even bring you a bigger audience. Remember to comment on posts that you like. It will make a blogger's day. Think of it this way, in order to get comments, you should give comments.
  2. We all enjoy reading different kinds of books. Many participating bloggers took time to write to a favorite author, and it was awesome to see how varied our reading tastes are.
  3. We all have our favorite bloggers. Whether we admire them from afar or are friends with them, each blogger has his/her own favorite bloggers. It's another thing that makes us a vibrant community, and seeing everyone's favorites helped me find a few new bloggers to follow.
  4. The book community is very diverse. There are so many different bloggers out there, and seeing where everyone was from during the campaign was amazing! There were bloggers from all over the world who participated in the event. So many different countries were represented, and you can tell that reading, no matter what language you speak, is universal.
  5. Many of the participating bloggers agree that the drama needs to stop. There has been a lot of drama in our community, and we would all like to see things settle down. That means being nicer to one another. That means we stop belittling other bloggers. That also means that we need to take a stand when we see others who start drama. Believe me, it will be so much nicer without all the fights.

Four Things I Enjoyed During The Blogger Positivity Campaign

  1. Way back in the fall of October of 2014, I read Romina Russell's debut novel, Zodiac. I reached out to her because I fell in love with the book. I was able to fully express my gratitude to her with a letter, and seeing her response made my day.
  2. It was fun to see how many people I knew participating in the campaign, especially because I thought I wasn't going to know any of the bloggers.
  3. I also liked seeing and "meeting" all these new-to-me bloggers. It really showed me just how huge our community has gotten to be over the years.
  4. I really liked blog hopping and seeing everyone's blogs. There are so many gorgeous blog designs out there, and I'll admit that I stared at a few of them for a while before I even read their posts.

Three of My Favorite Blogger Positivity Campaign Posts

  1. I really enjoyed Jess' letter to her library. While many of us wrote to authors or other bloggers, Jess took it to a whole new level and thanked her local library. Her library has shaped who she is as a reader and as a blogger. If you haven't read her letter, you need to go and read it right now.
  2. Another post that I enjoyed was Lara's letter to her copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She admits that she was frustrated with the book when she first tried to read it, and that led her to skip it. When she got to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, she was confused, and was glad that her copy was there to welcome her back home and explain everything that she would need to continue the series. 
  3. Shay's post on what the book blogging community is also another post that I enjoyed reading. In it, she talks about all the things that she's gained since joining the community. She's made new friends, and she's learned about books that she probably wouldn't have if it weren't for all the communicating that we bloggers always seem to be doing.

Two Bloggers That Inspired Me With Their Posts

  1. I have to give it up to Jillian and her posts. Not only did she organize this whole campaign, but she had some really great advice and posts throughout the event. I'm glad that I stumbled upon her blog when I saw this campaign because now I have a new blog to read through. 
  2. Tessa's posts also inspired me, even though she and I have been blogging friends for a while. Not only did she give me a shoutout, but her posts also made me feel like I knew her a lot better than I already did. Seeing how far she's come, and how far she wants to go with her blog is wonderful, and I'm proud to call her my friend.

One Inspirational Bookish Quote

It wouldn't be right if I didn't leave you with this gem of a quote because not only does it describe me spot on, but it also lets us readers know that there's more to this community than just books.

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