Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (32)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by the lovely ladies from the book blog, The Broke and the Bookish. They created this particular feature because they love making and sharing bookish lists with their readers.

Every week, there is a new topic, and bloggers are encouraged to share their own lists with everyone in the book community. All bloggers are encouraged to create a list based on the week's theme, share it with their followers, and then link up on The Broke and Bookish.

It's really easy to join:
  • Go to The Broke and the Bookish to check this week's topic
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Top Ten Bookworm Delights

1. Special Editions

I love seeing special edition of books. Whether it's a newer book with something special, like a map, on the inside, or whether a publishing house has released classics with new covers, there is just something so beautiful about them.

I love collecting all the different special editions and collaborations out there.

2. Deckled Edges

A while ago, I saw a post about how a lot of people think this is some sort of a mistake or error, but it's not! Deckled edges are one of my favorite things about books. They remind me of the stately books of the past, and I love when I find books with deckled pages.


What good is reading a book if you don't have something wonderful to mark your place? 

I'll admit that I used to be one of those horrible people who dog-eared pages, but I have reformed my ways, and I always use a bookmark. I have a collection of a lot of magnetic bookmarks, as well as some freebies that have come with purchases. I also have a very special Pittsburgh Penguins bookmark.

4. Used Bookstores

I love used bookstores! I have a Half Price Books that's about a mile from my house, and there are times that I'm there twenty times a month! You never know what you're going to find when you're there, and it's always wonderful to see what surprises could be there.

5. Classics

I'm guessing that this stems from the whole English teacher thing, but I love classics. In my short life, I've read quite a few of them, and I'm always looking to read more. I've started collecting a lot of different classics, and I love seeing my library grow.

6. Harry Potter

How could Harry Potter not make my list? 

Although I didn't read Harry Potter until my twenties, the story has become a part of my life. I've learned many different lessons from Rowling's series, and I know that this series will stick with me forever.

And now that the illustrated editions are here, how can someone not get excited again? I can't wait to get my hands of a copy of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this summer.

7. Authors in the Book Community

I love the fact that there are so many authors who actively keep up with us. It's always so heartwarming to see authors and readers interact, and I still geek out every time that an author talks to me on Twitter.

8.  The Scent of Old Books

I love picking up and old book and sniffing it. I also love picking up a new book and sniffing it. The scents are different but comforting, and it just makes me relax. Plus really, really old books start to smell like vanilla, and it's just awesome!

9. The Love of Cats

During the past few years I've noticed that a lot of bookish people love cats. It's adorable to see everyone post pictures of their cats or share cat stories. And I think we cat owners can all relate to those moments when our cats want to sit on our books or computers.

10. Owning Different Editions of the Same Books

I know I'm not alone in this one, but I love being able to buy and collect different editions of the same book. Whether it's owning both the hardcover and the paperback versions or owning multiple copies of the same books because the cover changed, I need them all. Currently I have a few different copies of classics, Harry Potter, and current favorites. 

Alright, lovelies! There they are - my favorite bookworm delights. And trust me... I almost wrote a parody to "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music for this post! But now it's your turn! I want to know more about your favorite bookworm delights. Please feel free to leave a comment with some of the things that delight you as a reader or feel free to leave a link to your own Top Ten Tuesday post!

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