Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour: The Tattooed Biblio

The 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour is hosted by The Book Bratz, Amber and Jessica. The eight-week tour works like a blog tour, but instead of promoting books, we're promoting other bloggers. Everyone has had a different blogger each week, so look back at those posts to discover some new and fabulous bloggers.

This week, I'm featuring Lauren from The Tattooed Biblio, but you might also recognize her as one of the bloggers behind The Broke and Bookish. Today, she'll be sharing her story about her blogging journey.

Lauren's Blogging Journey

I entered the book blogosphere in 2006, right when I started college. I started off wandering aimlessly on Goodreads when I stumbled upon the College Students group. This is where I met so many book lovers like me and it really opened my eyes to the book community. A few years later, I started a blog called Ravishing Reads. Contrary to the name, I don't actually read romance novels... I suppose I meant "ravishing" as in "devouring" books in general. (Hey.. I was a noob!) It did well.. I think I had around 300 GFC Followers (that was THE THING back in the day) and all my close book blogger friends would routinely comment on my posts and vice versa. As for getting ARCs and getting more followers... I never really cared. My blog was mine and it was there for whatever I liked. I mostly did just book reviews and giveaways for books I loved and wanted to share with everyone, i.e. SHOVE THE BOOK IN THEIR FACES.

Back then, book blogging was a lot different. Now that I have just last month started up book blogging again, I pretty much feel like this..

I may only be twenty-six, but I see fifteen-year-olds with AMAZEBALLS book blogs and bookstagrams. They are incredible and fun. I will admit, there are some blogs that I just don't frequent because all of the posts are blog tours, cover reveals, giveaways... nothing with actual book review content. That must be the old school in me. I also do have a bookstagram (this is still a weird word for me), but it's hard to keep up there as well! I am by no means a photographer, but owning over 700 physical books makes me want to be!

I signed up for this book blogger tour to find new book blogger friends and also to learn from others. I will most likely always be old school, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with it! My new blog, The Tattooed Biblio, is not a high traffic blog or highly sought after, but it suits me. I am also a contributor to The Broke and the Bookish blog, with some of my old blogger friends from back in the day.

I will always love the book blogging community and all it offers me. New friends, new book recs, and maybe even getting to fangirl from time to time. Thanks for having me on your blog, Erin!

I'm so honored to have met and have featured Lauren on my blog today. Not only are we the same age (well... we will be tomorrow), but I loved learning about her blogging journey. It's so nice to see someone come back to the book blogosphere after spending some time away. I know I would have a hard time doing that if I ever left.

Be sure to say hi to Lauren in the comments below and stop by her blog!

Lauren is a twenty-six year old book blogger who blogs at The Tattooed Biblio and
The Broke and Bookish. Her personal library boasts a collection of over 600 books. Lauren is a fan of tattoos, especially bookish tattoos, hence her blog's name - The Tattooed Biblio.

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