Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hardcover Lover Confessions (10)

Hello there, Hardcover Lover readers! By now, HCL Confessions are a pretty important part of my blog, and I'm sure many of you have now become a little more acquainted with the discussion feature.

In case you're not familiar with it, I'll briefly explain what it is. Basically, every few weeks or so (or whenever an issue arises), I take a bookish subject and write about it. I'll confess my thoughts or worries, ergo Hardcover Lover Confessions.

I'm encouraging all of my followers, and even non-followers to join in and discuss your thoughts on each topic with me and with the other bloggers/people who leave comments. Seriously... we'd all love to hear what you have to say because everyone has an opinion! It's all about kindly expressing ourselves and making connections with other bloggers and readers while forming blogging friendships.  Don't be afraid to reply to a comment made by someone you've never spoken to! I can promise you that all of my followers are kind and outgoing.

HCL Confession on BookTubers

I recently admitted this on Twitter, and my recently, I mean last night. I have never, in the time I've been blogging or before watched a BookTube video. Why? I feel like I don't have time. Don't assume the worst in me here - I've always wanted to watch some (and I've even started watching some videos before getting distracted and closing out of the screen). I know there are amazing BookTubers out there, but I just feel so weird watching someone I don't know talk about books. And like I said... I really do get distracted while I watch videos. (I can't even remember the last time I watched a music video or a TV show without doing something else.)

Do I disrespect the BookTubing community? Hell no! Let me repeat that. I do not and never will disrespect the BookTubing community. The are an integral part of the book community. I think the BookTube community deserves the same amount of respect that bloggers, Bookstagramers, and everyone else gets. I think what BookTubers do is wonderful. I've seen some screenshots and GIFs of some of their videos, and some of them have marvelous book collections. I think what they do is amazing and that they deserve all the credit that they get. 

What I don't agree with is the criticism. I think that it's unfair of bloggers to critique them or say that they don't deserve ARCs and the amount of views that they get. Here's the thing - people are going to go where they are most comfortable for their information. If a person is like me, they will probably read more blogs. But if a person is more visual, I can totally see the BookTube community working for them. I'm going to get in teacher mode for you here... It all depends on the kind of learner you are.

Will I one day try to give BookTubers the attention they deserve? Absolutely. It might take me just listening to a review, instead of watching the whole video, but I know one day I'll get there. 

Your Confessions

Once again, it's your turn, little Hardcover Lovers! I'd love to know what you have to think about this issue that pops up every once in a while. Have you watched BookTubers? Do you think bloggers are sometimes too quick to judge them? Who are some of your favorite BookTubers? Do you also BookTube? Feel free to let me know. And feel free to recommend any BookTubers to me. I'd love to start compiling a list of them so I know who to watch.

But here is your warning - Any and all disrespectful comments will be deleted, and you will be asked to refrain from commenting on any future HCL Confessions.

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  1. I do a little mixture of both. If I have a lot of time, I will sit down and read blogs. I usually watch BookTube videos while I am doing the dishes, or doing my makeup in the morning. I appreciate everyone who does BookTube. I would never have the guts to put myself on camera. I am subscribed
    to a lot of BookTubers; however, there are a select few that I will consistently watch.

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  2. I really dislike watching videos on my computers and keep my computer on mute, so it's not really a surprise to find out that I don't follow BookTubers (or anyone on Youtube) much at all. I also dislike the way I look and sound on video so I can't imagine making a video to post. That said, I give props to everyone who has the commitment to make videos--booktube or not--because gosh editing videos is a huge pain! I also know my BFF Nicole (@book_bandit) watches a lot of BookTubers so if you tweet her she might have some recs!

  3. That would save me so much time in the morning! I usually do my hair and makeup while reading blogs. Oops.

    Thanks for the recs, Sarah! I'll subscribe to them on YouTube. :)

  4. Whenever I have the time (which is not very often) I will indulge in a couple BookTube videos. I may not always get to watch them, but I love them when I do. I consistently watch PolandbananasBOOKS (it is not as weird as it sounds), Elizziebooks, and Katytastic. They are all super entusiast about the books that we read, which cannot always be sufficiently shown in book blogs. GIFS and writing in all caps can only go so far to describe the excitement about a book. Honestly, seeing the emotions on someone's face and hearing their voice gets emotions across better, at least to me.
    I also think that they totally deserve all of the ARCs and views that they get. I could not even imagine having to make all of those videos consistently. I can hardly take pictures with my camera, let alone put together complex videos with all kinds of effects like they do.
    We just have to remember that everyone who loves reading and books is awesome. Regardless of how you share that love, you deserve to be recognized for sharing that passion with others.
    Great discussion, Erin!

  5. I agree with you on the emotion thing. I know my reviews all come across as professional, and I use Twitter mostly to gush about them. But I can imagine how much more that comes across in a video because it's real.

    They totally deserve the ARCs and views they get, and the people who think otherwise really need to shut up because jealously will get them nowhere. I really hope none of the people who think less of BookTubers follow me, but if they do, they can unfollow me because that's just rude.

    Exactly, Tessa! We're all one big community of book lovers, and people need to stop marginalizing us into these strict categories. I say we should all be friends. :)

  6. Kayla @ The Thousand LivesJune 16, 2015 at 3:43 PM

    I don't love Booktube, for the reason you gave at the end - I learn and process MUCH better through reading. I have such a hard time processing anything when I'm hearing it, so I need to focus 100%, but I'm a multi-tasker that gets antsy if I'm not doing a few things at once. Thus, reading blogs it is :)

  7. The processing is definitely why I prefer reading reading blogs, but it's so disheartening to see people trying to discredit BookTubers. They do just as much work as a book blogger.

  8. I love BookTube! I actually want to be a booktuber too but I don't have a good camera and most books I read are e-books. My favorites are Abookutopia, benjaminoftomes, readbyzoe, jessethereader and katytastic. They're absolutely d=fun to watch!

  9. I think it would be so cool to be a BookTuber, but I know I'd never keep up with it because I hate making myself look presentable.

    Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check them out! :)

  10. Aww yeah that thing too. I don't really wear make-up so I may not look good at booktube haha!

  11. I never wear it, either, except for the occasional days when I wear BB cream. I love that stuff, and it makes my skin look amazing. I should really use it more often. :)

  12. I've never watched booktubers...and I don't really plan to start.
    No disrespect or anything, it's just not my thing.
    I mean, I barely watch youtube as it is. And I'm a massive multitasker...while writing this comment I am currently watching TV and constantly changing tabs to check twitter...not something that's really possible to do while on youtube.
    That all being said, I have nothing against people who watch/make booktube videos, and I definitely don't think they shouldn't be recognised as 'proper bloggers', it takes a lot of effort to make a video.

  13. I didn't know some bloggers criticize them! I think that sucks because both things are so unique and different. We choose words, prose to comunicate and to express ourselves, while some people prefer to do so in a visual way, whether it is because they feel more comfortable in front of a camera or because they prefer to use images to reach an audience. Both ways are so respectable! It takes work to draft a post from an initial idea to a full review or "essay" (you have to proof read!). And it also takes work to set up the camera and record yourself and then edit the video. I just watch one "booktuber", and I think she is super funny but then I watch a lot of "vloggers" in Spanish and English. I love that. And I have to say I have considered being a "booktuber" but 1. I don't own a camera and 2. I don't know how to edit videos. And besides I feel safer with my blog. So, to each their own, I guess. I love both so this isn't an issue for me. :)

  14. It definitely goes both ways. Certain bloggers criticize BookTubers and certain BookTubers criticize bloggers. It's just not right, and I'd really like to see all the bullying stop. I'm a firm believer that you really shouldn't unless you've tried both because it's not fair to say how hard one works when you've never tried it.

    I definitely feel more comfortable expressing myself with written words. I can come up with something that can give me the chills, and I like feeling that way. And like I said above, I feel like written words just stick with me more.

  15. I get you. It's definitely not my thing either, but I do want to just try a few, after all of this blows over to see if I could one day like it.

    I completely understand. It sometimes takes me twenty minutes to reply to a comment I started typing up because I get distracted. Like just right now, I've got this up, my blog's dashboard for editing posts, Twitter, multiple tabs on Goodreads, Facebook, and some article about the ocean up. And this is my second desktop! When I swipe my fingers to the right, there's two email accounts, Adobe Reader, a picture editing program, Notes, and iTunes all up and running. The desktop after this one currently has Jurassic Park on pause. Oops. lol

  16. I only recently started booktube but it's my newest obsession! I seriously can't get enough of it. I think all this bloggers versus booktube talk is just silly - we all love to talk about books.

  17. I don't get why it's come to Bloggers vs. BookTubers either. I think that's stupid, and even if I don't appreciate something, I don't go out of my way to make it known, you know? I think everyone in the book community is worthy of respect - the kids who just started blogs or channels yesterday, the veterans bloggers and Tubers - it's just something that should happen. I think it's so sad that it's gotten so bad.

  18. I actually discovered booktube before book blogs, as strange as that sounds. I'm subscribed to a tonne, but I only consistently watch a few. I do think that vlogging and blogging are quite different ways to "talk" about books, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. For one thing, I personally think it's a lot easier to express your feelings about a book on camera rather than in writing - like Tessa G said, "GIFS and writing in all caps can only go so far". But I think it's easier to be coherent when you blog and you don't have to worry about seeming natural and "unscripted".
    Either way, I have equal respect for both bloggers and booktubers in general.

  19. I always knew BookTubers existed, but I just never watch the videos. Although I do like how Giselle posts her BookTube videos on her blog. It definitely helps her attract both mediums.

    I think that's true too - you can be so much more expressive in a video. I would just worry about coming off as fake if I ever went to BookTube. I give them a ton of credit. It's got to be scary to prep and do all that work for a short, little video.

  20. On a RARE occasion, I might scope out a Booktube video, but I'm not really apart of the community; I feel like an outsider. I'm a book BLOGGER, so I sort of stick to this community. Still, their videos can be fun. But, if I'm ever on youtube, I'm usually scoping out other topics, not books.

  21. I feel like that as well. Like if I were to comment on a BookTube video, would anyone there even know who I am? I doubt it. And like you said, I use YouTube for other reasons too. I think the most random one was looking up how to tie my moccasins. lol


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