Monday, February 1, 2016

Reading Challenge Update: January

Hello, all you lovely people! We made it through January! It seems like the new year started yesterday, but we're already a month into 2016, and things are only just getting started. Hooray!

Some of you might remember that I signed up for a lot of reading challenges in 2015, and unfortunately I never really kept up with them. Yes, I read the books that I wanted to for the challenges, but I forgot to link up and keep track of my progress. That's not good, right!

This new feature is one that I'm hoping will help me stay on track. Instead of just reading the books that I've challenged myself to read, I'm going to be sharing them with you at the end of each month. I'm really hoping that this helps me remember and keep track of all of the books I'm reading and the challenges I've signed up for this year.

Alright... so let's see how I faired for January...

Are you ready to see what books I've been reading for these challenges? I sure hope so because here we go!

Note: Some of these challenges allow readers to cross-read, which means you can read the same books for multiple challenges, and they count for all of them. Throughout these monthly updates, including today's update, you may notice this trend.

Debut Author Reading Challenge

Books Read:


Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

Books Read:


Backlist Books Reading Challenge

Books Read:

Flights of Fantasy

Books Read:

Personal Reread Challenge

This year, I'm actually trying to keep track of what books I reread. I'm not doing this as part of any official challenge or anything; it's really just for me to see just how many books I can reread while still reading new books.

I babysit a lot, so you'll probably see a lot of children's books appear in the reread section of these updates. You might also see books that I've read for school and teaching appear here during the year.

Books Read:


So in terms of reading, I think I had a pretty good month! According to Goodreads, I've read ten books so far. I know that's not a lot compared to other people, but other people don't deal with what I deal with. It's not too shabby considering that my vision gets really blurry and that I had bronchitis and slept for pretty much the whole last week of this month. I'm proud of myself for reading ten books.

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