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Book Blitz: After I Fall by Amity Hope + GIVEAWAY

Title: After I Fall
Author: Amity Hope 
Release Date: 12/15/14

Summary from Goodreads:
When EmLynn’s dad loses his battle with cancer, the last thing she wants is to move across the country to live with her Mom. Her mom left her dad years ago to start a new, improved family with her new, improved husband.

When Eric finds himself in the middle of a mess of someone else’s making, the last thing he wants is to be dumped into the foster care system. He’s spent most of his life on his own, so he doesn't see the point of having a pretend family now.

A chance meeting has them both thinking that maybe their new town of Roseville isn’t so bad. But as they grow closer, an unknown enemy, along with a tangle of secrets and a web of little white lies, may just be enough to make their newfound love unravel completely.

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About the Author
A little bit about me...
I live in beautiful northern Minnesota with my two sons, two cats and our Rottweiler.
If I'm not writing, or spending time with my kids, I'm most likely reading.

My next planned releases are:
After I Fall in mid-December
Avenge (Malice #2) will be out late January.

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I pulled in a deep breath and blew it out in an exaggerated sigh of relief. “I feel better now.”
His light laughter rumbled beneath me. Our clasped hands were resting on his chest. I was warmed up now, and so was he.
“I suppose I should go then,” he said.
I smiled when I realized that he hadn’t moved a muscle to do so.
“Oh, I don’t know,” I said lightly. “You just got here. And you drove all this way…”
“Right. It’s a good fifteen, maybe twenty minutes,” he said solemnly.
“So it seems silly to have you leave so soon.”
“Uh-huh,” he murmured. “Do you have something else you want to talk about?”
“Do we have to talk?”
He hesitated and I wondered if I was being too forward.
Before I could take it back, he spoke.
He kissed my temple before saying, “We can do whatever you want to do.”
“I think I want you to tell me more secrets.”
His body tensed under mine. “I don’t—”
“Secrets like this,” I said as I placed a kiss on his neck, working my way up to his mouth.
He relaxed and let out a sigh. “Right, you meant—”
I cut him off with a kiss.


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  1. The synopsis of this book sounds very interesting~ And the excerpt is cute! Kiss scenes are always a nice snippet to catch my attention :P

    Also, I've tagged you for the Christmas Carol Book Tag! Please don't feel obligated to participate, though :)

    - Connie @ The YA Book Thief

    1. That's why I chose that excerpt out of all of the choices. I feel like they get people who like romance a little bit more to look forward to. :)

      Thanks, Connie. I might do that one because I love Christmas! I got so many one time for this one tag, and I got so overwhelmed that I now always include the whole "don't feel obligated" thing when I tag people, too. There are so many good ones out there. lol

  2. I like the excerpt! The Cover is kind of mysterious to me... :D Maybe it's just me. :)

    1. That cover is very pretty. I love the sepia tones on it.

  3. I think I've seen this book before! :) Looks interesting. But I think it's sad somehow because the first sentence of the synopsis is already sad :O

    1. That first sentence is really sad. It kind of makes me think it will be a little bit like a Nicholas Sparks good. I'm hoping for a sweet story. :)

  4. This looks real good, definitely adding, AND joining! :D

    1. It does! I need it now, but I'm on a book buying ban because I have over forty books that I own that I still need to read. It's times like this when I really wish I had a Kindle so I could pick these things up when they go on sale. Whoops! lol

  5. Sounds interesting! I might check this out.

  6. Enjoyed the excerpt, and the premise sounds very interesting.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt! It is kind of cute! :)

      Good luck if you entered!


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