Friday, December 12, 2014

The Friday 56 (8)

The Friday 56 is a weekly bookish meme hosted over at Freda's Voice. The rules are easy  to follow. All you need to do is open the book you're reading to page 56 (or 56% for e-readers) and give us a little bit of what you're reading without spoiling anything major. You want to give people a little preview that makes them want to read what you're reading.

This week, I've been reading The List by Siobhan Vivian. It's about eight girls who have either been named the prettiest or ugliest in their high school class. It's definitely not the best book that I've ever read, but it just got a little bit more interesting, so I'm hoping for a strong ending.
"The return to Crestmont Outlets at the end of the summer provided her with a new wardrobe at a low, low size. But deep down Bridget knew this wasn't a good thing. At least that part of herself was still working. She wasn't totally gone." 

So what are you reading this week? As always, feel free to let me know in the comments and leave links to your own Friday 56 posts. I'd love to see them!


  1. I hope you get an awesome finish!
    Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks, Freda. Unfortunately, it lacked one.

      Have a great weekend! :)


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