Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Book Review: One Day by David Nicholls

Title: One Day
Author: David Nicholls
Format: Paperback (Movie Tie-In Edition)
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: May 24, 2011 (Originally Published on June 11, 2009)
Rating: ☆☆☆☆
It’s 1988 and Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley have only just met. But after only one day together, they cannot stop thinking about one another. Over twenty years, snapshots of that relationship are revealed on the same day—July 15th—of each year. Dex and Em face squabbles and fights, hopes and missed opportunities, laughter and tears. And as the true meaning of this one crucial day is revealed, they must come to grips with the nature of love and life itself.

My Review: 

As I was reading One Day by David Nicholls, I was surprised by how realistic Nicholls writes the love story in this book. I was really expecting something extremely cheesy, but I did not feel that way at all when I finished the book.

The main characters, Emma and Dexter, were extremely real. Their story is told through events that happen on one day every year, and that day always happens to be July 15. As I was reading, I felt like I was observing a real life couple over the course of twenty years instead of a fictional one. Nothing in the book seems too out of the ordinary, fake, or unrealistic, and that is something to really admire and appreciate.

I'll admit that it did take me a little bit longer to finish this book than I expected, but mostly because I was trying to read it one summer when I was working almost every day. At the time, the only romance books that I read were books by Nicholas Sparks, but I really wanted to try some new things. I had also just finished a British literature course, and I found myself wanting to explore some contemporary British authors.

I am very glad that I took the time to read this wonderful book. Not only was I thoroughly entertained, but I was educated in matters of the heart that I tend to avoid. I learned many beautiful lessons from One Day. This will be one of those books that I know I'll long to re-read again and again because it's astonishing and beautiful.

I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary novels, but I would also recommend it to readers who dislike stereotypical romance novels because this is anything but a stereotypical romance.


  1. I have to say, I don't think I could bring myself to read this after watching the movie (a few years ago) and having my heart TORN OUT OF MY CHEST.
    Even thinking about this story makes me sad and angry, lol.
    But then again, I did like the characters, and I like that you say everything is realistic, so maybe I should give it a shot.

    1. I cried when I read this, especially at the end. It was a really emotional read, but I loved every second of it.

      I've been meaning to read some of his other books to see how they are. Maybe that will be a part of my New Year's resolution. lol


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