Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (14)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by the bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish. The meme was created because they love making and sharing lists. That's good news for me because I also love making lists as a way to organize things going on my life.

Every week, there is a new topic for Top Ten Tuesday, and all you have to do is create your top ten list (or somewhere around ten) based on it. Oh, and be sure to link back to The Broke and the Bookish! Then you can add your name to the link up tool that they include in their post!

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015—Bookish, Blogging, or Otherwise:

  1. Finish reading The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - I started reading these this past summer (2014), and I loved them. I was upset with myself for waiting so long to read them. Now I just need to read Fairest and Winter before 2015 is over.
  2. Start re-reading some books - I have a ton of books that I want to re-read, but I have never actually attempted it.
  3. Work on my novels - I have a bunch of ideas, and it would be nice to get one organized and started the way I'd like to see it in print. All my drafts are a mess right now, and it bothers me.
  4. Make contact with more publishers - I'm just starting this, and I feel like I'm failing miserably when I see newer blogs getting ARCs before I do. I'd like to start emailing a few more publishers and getting to know them.
  5. Get a new blog theme - I want a custom theme for my blog, but I don't like the price tags that come along with them. I might try to see if I can get Photoshop and start working on a theme of my own. Oh, and I need to make a matching signature for my posts, too.
  6. Get some more people to post Soundtrack Saturdays - I started my meme back in August, and so far, it's not very popular. I'd like to see more people participate because I think it's a pretty fun meme.
  7. Read more adult fiction books - I used to read adult fiction pretty heavily, but then I got really into YA. I want to read a few more adult books in 2015 than I did in 2014, especially because I own quite a few.
  8. Read Pretty Little Liars - I now own all sixteen books in hardcover, and I want to read them.
  9. Find a paranormal/supernatural book that I enjoy - It's no secret that I haven't had luck in this genre. I'd like to find at least one that I like.
  10. Get more ARCs - I've got a few 2015 ARCs, but I'd like to acquire more. I have a fun time reading and reviewing them, plus it's nice to be able to talk to school librarians about upcoming books.

What are your goals for 2015? As always, feel free to let me know in the comments.


  1. Your goals are a lot similar to mine! I really want to get more ARCs to review. I have been thinking about joining Netgalley since I just got my first e-reader for Christmas. Hopefully, I can request some ARCs that way. I also want to work on my writing. I do not think that I am ready to start drafting a novel or anything like that, but I want to improve my technique. Maybe you could post snippets of your writing on the blog? I find that can always be inspiring.
    Good luck with your goals in the new year!
    Tessa @ Crazy for YA

    1. That's so cool that we have similar goals!

      I'm thinking of using the rest of my Christmas money and my babysitting money from tomorrow and Saturday towards an e-reader for my eARCs. I just don't know which one I want. What one do you have?

      I'm so terrified of sharing my fictional writing on my blog. I like have this super weird fear that someone will steal it, and claim it as their own. I might make some sort of account to share it with others though - just probably not on here.

      Happy New Year, Tessa! Good luck with all of your goals and resolutions! :)

    2. I have a 7th generation Kindle e-reader. It is pretty basic, but I really like it. It has a touch screen (as far as I know Amazon only makes touch screens now). Another thing I love about it is how cheap e-books are. I got like five books with a $25 gift card. I would only be able to get two hardcovers with that much. Happy New Year!

    3. Okay. I'm leaning more towards a Kindle, but probably a Fire. But I also want an iPad. It's so hard to make a decision. lol

  2. A lot of our goals are the same, though I didn't post them on today's TTT (the others will be up on my Thursday post). :)

    I need to read The Lunar Chronicles myself, I have all three of the books out right now, just haven't read them yet. I want to re-read quite a few books too.

    I need to work on writing in general. It sort of got away from me. I want to have some relationships with publishers too, so far I go only through EW and NG, but I'd love to actually get to know publishers and build relationships.

    I'd love to get a new blog theme too. You know, there's the Book Host that Ashley has and it includes any of her premium themes, it's $11 a month. I'm looking into getting that.

    I've been meaning to join in on Soundtrack Saturday, it sounds really fun and I definitely have two books that I have great song choices for. :) At least for mini playlists.

    I need to read more Adult books too. I have a few on my TBR. I'm so jealous you have all the Pretty Little Liars books! Though…you said you have 16, I think there are four or five "side" books that go in-between some of those. I need to read the entire series too! At least 3-16.

    I have some ARCS I need to read. It's nice to know what's to be expected from upcoming releases and it's fun to be able to share what you think of them to other people before they're released. :)

    Good luck on your goals Erin! And next year, of course.

    TMy op Ten Tuesday


      Anyways... I can't wait to see your goals. I'll head over and check them out as soon as I'm done replying to comments. :)

      I freaking love The Lunar Chronicles! I knew I wanted to read them, but I was a little unsure, and then I finally just did it around the time I started blogging. I only regret not reading them sooner. lol

      I've gotten a few ARCs from publishers, but not near as many as other bloggers get. I know they say to wait your time, but I keep searching and emailing to at least get my name out there.

      $11 a month isn't bad. I just don't want to get something super expensive in case I ever get bored of book blogging. lol

      Yay! The mini-soundtracks are fun! That's how I started the meme, but now I just go all out. lol

      Yeah... I don't know if I want to read the supplemental PLL books. I've heard they aren't very good and ruined the series for a lot of people. I'll probably read them after I read the sixteen that I have.

      OMG, right? I have a few ARC reviews set to post soon, and I can't wait for my thoughts to be shared with other readers. lol

      Happy New Year, Amber! Good luck! :)

    2. Hahaha! Yeah, I tend to ramble a lot sometimes! :)

      Thank you for the comment.

      I've been wanting to read The Lunar Chronicles for a while. Hopefully this year will be the year. I regret not reading them sooner as well.

      Gah, blogger envy's the worst, been there, still am sort of. Haha. Getting your name out there is definitely good, I'm virtually nameless since I don't email publishers myself but….maybe I'll work on that in the new year.

      Yeah, not spending a lot of money would be great in case you get tired of blogging. So maybe wait a few more months and see how you feel then.

      I'm sure if I get into the habit of it, I'll end up having to have full soundtracks.

      Oh, really? I hadn't really read anything about them, but a couple of them seem interesting. It would be easier just to read the regular ones and then if you want to after, to read the others.

      Yes! I need to work on reading my own ARCS this year, that's my goal for the rest of year, haha. At least the first half. Get them all read and reviewed. I can't wait to see your reviews.

      Happy New Year to you as well Erin. :) Thanks.

    3. All the books in The Lunar Chronicles series are pretty quick reads, so I can see you reading all of them this year, plus the other two are being released this year - Fairest this month and Winter later in the year.

      I've only emailed a few, but it seems like they all have their established relationships. Someone said to wait until I have 500 followers, but there are people getting a ton of ARCs with way less than that. We should help each other with that this year! :)

      There are some premades that are pretty cheap. I just think I want to take a coding class and see what I can come up with on my own. lol

      I have read the first PLL book, and I liked it. I'm pretty sure I'll like the rest of them. It's just so many books. lol

      There's a NetGalley and Edelweiss challenge going around. I'm participating in it to get my eARCs up. You should join! :)

  3. I've definitely gotten away from reading adult books since I've started reading YA. I tend to do that though. I read nothing but romance novels, then nothing but mysteries/thrillers, then nothing but true crime. I hate to think that one day I won't be reading YA anymore. At least there are a lot of those different genres in YA (no true crime though!)

    1. It's so sad. I really enjoyed it for a while, and it was like all I read since the time I was eleven. lol

      You'd think someone would come up with something true crime for YA. Kids commit crimes too. lol

  4. Great resolutions! I now own the complete Lunar Chronicles so far but just have to start them! I can't wait to. I hope you can succeed in ARCs! I have a few now, but it's more a matter of requesting for them, and in time they will gradually be suggested to you instead! I am sure you can achieve these ^^ Hopefully the novel writing will go well as well. As for a more paranormal read to enjoy, I suggest City of Bones by Cassandra Clare!

    1. Thanks, Olivia!

      OMG. The Lunar Chronicles books are amazing! I like Cinder and Cress the most. They are such fun faity tale retellings!

      I actually just got an ARC the other day, and I've got a few on the way, so I'm pretty excited about it.

      Oh man... Cassandra Clare is actually on my banned list. I refuse to read her books. lol


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